Lorena, Rick and the Nature Dog Pack

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Tomball, Texas

Yes! You are not mistaken. The number of doggies is 8, the magical 8. Our pack is a variety of breeds, mutts, rescue stories, love and most of all wagging happiness. The Nature Dog Pack, is as challenging as your own and that's the reason when we tell you that we are experienced with dogs and different breeds, trust us, we have experienced it all first hand. We train and compete in different dog sports and all of them get to have fun with us. 

These dogs have 2 pet parents that are partners in work and in life. I work and absolutely adore being able to handle and get loved by every dog in each session we get. Understanding the needs of you and your dog in our sessions, is key to make them a wonderful experience. So that is why you will see me with a vest and any quantity of things to cover every aspect in your session. Also, the other end of the photography process falls in my hands; editing and image retouching of all images.

Photography goes into both of our bags of skills, but I can't deny that it is Rick's major expertise, having over 20 years of photographic experience in portrait, nature, events, engagements and so on.  Working together is the key in all of our sessions. While I help you pose and get your dog to look at the camera, Rick will know the perfect lighting and technique to get that perfect shot.

We are passionate about photography and we are passionate about our love for dogs. Nature Dog Photography, was born 5 years ago of the mix of these 2 passions and 2 people who believe in working in what they love.