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Capturing a dog's unique personality and making it shine in a photograph is our specialty. We have worked with many breeds and sizes of dogs from Great Danes to toy breeds; no dog is too much of a challenge for us. With more than 3 years of focused photographic experience working with dogs in different locations and environments, we can make  your dream portrait a reality.

With our own beautiful pack of six dogs, we know the complexity of handling more than a couple of dogs at the same time. So whether it is one dog or a pack, let us help you get that fantastic shot of you and your pooch, creating wonderful memories!  We like humans too!

We are proud to have been chosen 2 years in a row by our clients and friends by awarding us with a second place in the category of Best Pet Photography for 2015 & 2016 Henrietta's Reader's Choice Awards in Houston PetTalk Magazine! We are really thankful and happy to be recognized in such a nice way by our community.

Lorena Padron, is a photographer and experienced dog trainer, advocate for rescue, and Rick Van Natta, is a photographer with more than 20 years of studio, portrait, and nature photography experience and also a dog trainer. 

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