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Tomball, Texas

Lorena & Rick

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Lorena & Rick are partners in work and in life. Together, they are passionate about dogs and working with dog rescues. Having said that, they ended up forming their own pack of 8 dogs (all kinds and sizes), which has let them learn through experience, all about the dog world. From handling packs to working with nervous dogs and the ability to make them pose for the camera, they get their personalities to shine in a photograph.

​Lorena, not only works and absolutely adores being able to handle and get loved by every dog in each session, but she is also the image retoucher, editor, designer and digital painter in the team. Photography goes into both of their bags of skills, but we can't deny that it is Rick's major expertise, having over 20 years of photographic experience in portrait, nature, events, engagements and so on. 

​As a team, they are just simply the ones to make you have the best  time during a photo-session. Having fun and simply relaxing is key to getting our furry companions to show themselves as you see them at home. That is how they are able to capture the everlasting love and friendship between you and your dog, getting you the perfect timeless image.

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